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The police also know you work with gang members, and often ask you for information about particular kids.

What are you obligated to tell them, or to keep from them?

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The community has expectations as well about the reliability, competence, and honesty of a program that benefits its citizens.

In this section, we'll discuss what some of those expectations are, and your and your organization's or initiative's moral and legal obligations to those you serve.

Not all of the areas discussed below are covered by a specific legal or ethical code for every profession or community service, but are nonetheless related to ethical behavior for just about any program or organization.

All should at least be considered as you define ethics for yourself and your program.

Ethics is a code of thinking and behavior governed by a combination of personal, moral, legal, and social standards of what is right.

Although the definition of "right" varies with situations and cultures, its meaning in the context of a community intervention involves a number of guiding principles with which most community activists and service providers would probably agree: Do no harm.

The right of a person to know what happens to information he reveals in the course of a community intervention falls under the heading of ethics.

A participant in a community program -- a health clinic, an adult literacy class, a youth leadership initiative -- has a right to certain expectations relating to how she and the information she passes on are treated.

How do you determine what is best for anyone in a particular situation, let alone the best outcome for everyone?

The best outcome for most parties may be dependent on a bad outcome for one; or the best outcome for everyone -- one that leaves no one as a clear loser -- may be relatively negative.

There are, however, a number of formal ethical codes -- usually set down by professional organizations, but sometimes by law -- that apply to people in particular professional or other positions.

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