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The Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner specialty was established at UMSON in 1974.The specialty maintains broad interprofessional support and is currently ranked in the top 10 for programs of its kind in the nation by The curriculum emphasizes coursework, case study analysis, and clinical experiences.

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Applicants will benefit from having recent clinical experience that requires a high level of patient assessment and critical thinking.

For example, experiences working on general medical surgical units, urgent/emergency departments, primary care practices, student health settings, ambulatory and outpatient clinics, or long term care settings.

Our collection includes current and back issues of popular titles which you can access through a computer or mobile device with your library card. We have an automated service calling to let you know your Holds are ready for you to pick up or let you know if you have any Overdues. If you have an answering machine it will leave you a message.

If we can't reach you by phone, we will continue to mail you the notice.Students work with faculty members, nurse practitioners, and physician preceptors in a variety of primary care clinical practicum sites throughout the Baltimore-Washington, D. area, including: Our Doctor of Nurse Practice program has an option that fits your goals and experience, whether you 1) have your BSN, 2) have your master's in nursing or a related field, 3) are already a nurse practitioner, 4) are looking to change your specialty.Focus your energy and resources on only those courses that you need to achieve your goals. Doctoral-prepared nurses who want to add or change their area of specialty only need to take the courses necessary for certification in that specialty.The minimum number of practicum hours required for the DNP degree is 1,000 hours.For University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) graduates to be eligible for their respective board certification exams, they must complete the DNP degree.If you need to print a gameboard you can click on these links below: Adult Gameboard Teen Gameboard Children Reader Children Pre-Reader You can register for a library card online!

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