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Lawyer-turned-male-prostitute One of these “night men” named Muhaya peers into the face of every young woman who passes hoping that one of them will choose him as a partner for a one night stand.

“Our work mostly comes from hotels where we have someone we know who contacts us when he finds a client.

However, because the tour industry is experiencing hard times now, we also have to work the streets,” Manduh said.

“I have been working for 10 years now and you can’t name a country whose female subjects haven’t asked me for sex,” Mamduh said.

Mamduh, known to many as “the Doctor,” spends half of his earnings working out in the gym to look fit and handsome which is a strict requirement for anyone working in the sex business.

One of these young men, named Muhaya, said that after graduating from the law department of a local university, he failed to find a job at a local hotel.

“I agreed and before long some of the female guests started asking me to sleep with them for money.Package deal Given the current economic instability, the “night men,” as male prostitutes are called in Egypt, have to offer discounts asking for 200 dollars for a night of love and only a grand for the whole week.Not long ago Muhaya celebrated a new record of having serviced 300 women, most of them from North America, Australia and the Persian Gulf.the law expose people who practice adultary for six months in jail and for prostitute they are exposed to 3 year in jail Prostitution has been known in Egypt from 1929 to 1958 during the british occupation, prostitution was widespread.The prostitution system in Egypt depends on pimping.They paid well, more than I could earn during a whole month, that’s how I found myself another job,” he told Sputnik.

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