Lilly and oliver dating

In I Honestly Love You (No Not You), we find out that Jackson once almost lost a finger due to the fact that he attempted to get in between his father and a piece of pie.

He is also known for saying "Good day sir, I said good day!

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In an off-handed remark in "Song Sung Bad," Jackson implausibly suggests the reason for this move involved an embarrassing incident with a Tennessean girlfriend. He is often asking his dad to supplement his income or to increase his allowance.

When Jackson first attended school in California he was made fun of because of his accent, cowboy hat, boots, and large belt buckle with shining bright lights which he wore to school. In "Debt It Be" Jackson recalls selling Miley's used tissues on the internet for $37.95.

Despite being the first born, and therefore having high expectations from Robby, Jackson constantly lives under Miley's shadow.

Unlike Robby, Lilly and Oliver, Jackson does not attend Hannah events in disguise.

Yet on a deeper level, both Miley and Jackson privately express love and appreciation for each other.

On several occasions Jackson even goes to great lengths to help Miley when she gets herself in serious trouble.Under the alias Lola Luftnagle, she is also close friends with Hannah Montana and part of her entourage."Lola" has a huge crush on Orlando Bloom, in the episode "The Test Of My Love", Lola is talking to Miley and she says when Orlando finally meets her she will watch "The Lily Bloom".He also imitates his father in "You Give Lunch a Bad Name" and his sister in "You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party." Perhaps as a consequence of his acting skills, Jackson is also good at dodging direct questions and using weasel words.In "Welcome to the Bungle," Jackson coaches Miley on his techniques before she appears on a talk show to which Miley responds he could have a future as a lawyer.She met Oliver in Kindergarten and has been best friends with him ever since.

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