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thanks..." He scrambled to his feet, unsteadily, and rushed off. Danny cut around the back of the concession stand, rubbing the back of his head, still dizzy. He headed along the high retaining wall on the far side of the field where the short cut was back to his house. The bright stadium lights around the field had been shut down.

His vision was blurry and he tripped, slipping off the edge of the wall, falling ten feet to the ground, rolling down an embankment, and smacking his head a second time against a rock. He was laying in the dirt at the edge of the woods. "I thought I told you to mow the fucking lawn after school." He slurred as soon as he heard the door shut.

He'd gotten it from a discarded Styrofoam cooler next to the field. He had a six pack of Pabst blue ribbon watching some stupid show about lost Amazonian tribes. It was a standard Friday for the most useless man ever shat into the world. It'd been a really bad day, and this was not something he could handle.

This story contains themes of revenge, incest, Dominance & submission, lesbianism, gay/bi-curious and, of course, mind control. Then the water began to fill the bowl again covering his nostrils. Greg made a fortune in the financial crisis buying up foreclosed homes and then another fortune in commercial real estate, building skyrises and huge apartment complexes. we're up 47-7 and the game is almost over..." Phil pointed to the scoreboard.

And likely a lot more by the time I get to the end. Despite his egregious wealth, he kept his kids in public school. He felt it was good to see the people that didn't have anything. We need to make a statement that the Cougars are gonna crush this year.

"I don't usually see you at the games." Danny had never spoken more than a word to her before in his whole life. He hit his head on the edge of the bleachers on his way down.

A beautifully thrown spiral football launched through the air and found its target with perfect accuracy. The ball struck him directly in the face and knocked him off his feet. " Jason waved from the field and then blew him a kiss that he never saw.

Twenty minutes later, the knob turned and his mom entered.

And dad was giving me shit again." "Speaking of which...

It's definitely a cross genre story, but belongs in this category. "I laugh at absurdity hardest, then stories, then observations, then bearded men on roller skates." -- T. Miller ****** ****** Danny Dugan held his breath under the water as little air bubbles escaped his lips. The ones that were hungrier and more driven for success.

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