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Most popular in: USA, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Bahrain, Australia, France, Indonesia This app markets itself as "the global network for meeting gay men." Features: Allows users to find men by proximity, see who has checked their profiles, buy and send gifts, and browse through profiles.

Here are the apps gay men are using — in many different languages — to find Mr.

Right: The world's "largest gay social network" truly is just that.

Most popular in: Russia, Thailand 9monsters is a unique social app from Japan with a focus on the Asia-Pacific area.

Features: Every user is grouped into one of nine categories of "monsters" ranging from a monkey to a pig.

Features: Similar to Planet Romeo, users can change their own location settings, but they can also forward profiles to friends if they feel like playing matchmaker. The notes feature allows you to keep tabs on everyone you're talking to.

Hornet is now available (beta version only) on a web platform as well, accessible from a desktop or laptop.

Gay British comedian Stephen Bailey is fed up with the way gay and bi men are talking to each other.

And while on his recent tour, has been holding a very un-scientific conversation with ‘his gays’ at the local bars.

With the help of various jugs of Woo Woo, they’ve been talking about the way gay and bi men talk to each other online and in real life – IRL.

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